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Petronas in airborne FTG data deal

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 30 August 2016 11:26
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Petronas has awarded Bell Geospace and Onyx Engineering a contract for 3D multi-client full tensor gradiometry (FTG) data acquisition, processing and interpretative services that will cover approximately 198,900sq km offshore Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah.

Image of the BT67 FTG survey plane, from Bell Geospace.

The provision of airborne FTG and magnetic surveys will be undertaken over offshore Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah and will commence subject to pre-funding requirements and approval by Petronas.

Bell Geospace will provide a variety of services for the project.  This will allow current petroleum arrangement contractors and potential bidders seeking new exploration blocks, to quickly identify prospective areas for quick and efficient understanding of complex sub-surface geology.

“We expect that this data will play a significant role in the exploration process for companies working or considering working in Malaysia, allowing for the first time ever, a rapid selection of areas of interest for bidding and for planning for subsequent seismic acquisition and interpretation work,” John Macfarlane, Bell Geospace executive vice president said.

Bell Geospace will take the lead role in the project, bringing a new, efficient and cost-effective exploration methodology in Malaysia, Macfarlane said.

FTG data is used to plan cost-effective seismic programs and model sub-surface geology to find natural resources.

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