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COSCO delivers PSV, jackups

By  Wednesday, 24 August 2016 21:31
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SGX-listed COSCO Corp. has delivered two jackup rigs and a platform supply vessel (PSV) to Foresight Group and to its European buyer, respectively.

The jackups, N527 and N581, measure 74.09m in length and 62.80m in width. The rigs are designed to operate at water depths of 350ft and are capable of performing drilling operations at depths of up to 30,000ft.

PSV VOS PASSION, on the other handmeasures 83.48m in length, 18m in breadth and 8m in depth. 

These deliveries come after the shipbuilder entered into a contract with a European buyer for three 1750 TEU container vessels, scheduled for delivery in 2019. 

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