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Searcher commences Olympus 3D reprocessing

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 12 July 2016 23:32
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Searcher Seismic said the Olympus 3D reprocessing project in the Carnarvon Basin of Western Australia, has commenced processing at DownUnder GeoSolutions’ Perth facility.

The project, in cooperation with Spectrum, comprises the reprocessing of 20 existing 3D datasets through a broadband pre-stack time and depth migration (PSTM and PSDM) workflow.

The project extends northward from the Rankin platform and covers an extensive fairway of high-quality Jurassic reservoirs in the Angel, Calypso and Legendre formations, with multiple potential sources including the Dingo Claystone and Muderong shale.

The processing effort will specifically focus on resolving fault seals and imaging complex migration pathways, which may prove the key to unlocking further discoveries in the area, the company said in a statement. 

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