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Huisman unveils new crane simulator

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 25 May 2016 12:49
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Huisman Singapore debuted a new 400mt offshore mast crane simulator to be used for regular and customized education and training purposes and for expert investigations on a 400mt offshore mast crane or any other required Huisman crane type.

Crane simulator in Singapore, from Huisman.

The new simulator combines all main options available in the Huisman crane range, such as a main and auxiliary hoist, tuggers and a heave compensation system. The operations are simulated by the use of nine screens and an authentic operator chair with crane controls in order to create a realistic operating experience. As standard, it is equipped as 400mt offshore mast crane but is adjustable.

For education and training purposes, regular and customized exercises are created for the basic and advanced training of crane operators. scenario based training, including simulated effects on the vessel, crane and load due to environmental conditions like sea state wave and current, wind and atmospheric conditions, can be conducted. In addition, the crane simulator can be used by specialist engineers, crane inspectors, and marine surveyors of insurance companies to conduct engineered lifts in simulated environments, for instance for high risk lifts. The simulator will facilitate the fine-tuning of planned operations including risk assessments, required control measures and back up scenarios in a risk free environment.

The new simulator at Huisman Far East Services in Singapore, a branch of Huisman’s service organization Global Services (HGS), is the third Huisman simulator available for clients operating Huisman equipment. The other two simulators, a 400mt offshore mast crane and a dual multipurpose drill tower, are available at the Huisman Academy in The Netherlands. A fourth simulator, which will be a copy of the one at Huisman Far East, is currently under construction at Huisman North America Services in Rosenberg (Houston, Texas area).  

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