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Ramba completes Kusuma-1 drilling

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 19 April 2016 09:26
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Ramba Energy has completed drilling operations at the Kusuma-1 well in the West Jambi block, located in Jambi Province, Indonesia.

Five tests were performed, in which included two tests resulted in flaring, and swabbing resulted in freshwater; one test was determined as not conclusive, swabbing resulted in the recovery of approximately 2.5 bbl of drilling fluid. The remaining two tests resulted in no flaring and no recovery. After consultation with Pertamina EP, it was concluded that the Kusuma-1 well will be categorized as a suspended gas well, pending further studies.

A full study is expected to be carried out in the future. The company will begin preparations to drill the Kusuma-2 exploration well. The Kusuma-2 exploration well is located approximately 7km from the Kusuma-1 well.

Ramba, through its subsidiary, Ramba Energy West Jambi, holds a 100% working interest in the West Jambi Block. 

Image from Ramba.

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