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OTC Asia16: Weatherford wins technology award

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 24 March 2016 11:46
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The Weatherford damaged control-line (WDCL) safety valve system was recognized as a winner at the OTC Asia 2016 Spotlight on New Technology Awards, held on 23 March 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The awards celebrate “the latest and most advanced hardware and software technologies that are propelling the industry into the future,” as acknowledged by OTC Asia.

The WDCL safety valve system, part of the Renaissance system of safety valves, enables operators to replace damaged control lines and install new surface-controlled subsurface safety valves. Using this system, production can be restored in wells that have been shut because of damaged control lines. The system has been successfully used to restore production in three offshore wells in Malaysia.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Ankur Gupta, vice president, Asia Pacific at Weatherford. 

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