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OTC Asia 2016: Sky-Futures, Keppel to provide drone inspection

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 24 March 2016 04:47
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Drone inspection specialist, Sky-Futures, is collaborating with Offshore Technology Development (OTD), a subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine, to offer inspection services to the global offshore and marine industry.

The partnership will see Sky-Futures offer its drone inspection services to Keppel’s client base, whilst Keppel provides its project management, engineering and repair expertise.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) makes it possible to simultaneously improve safety and reduce cost often by more than 80%.

Combining this capability with OTD’s engineering expertise and experience in the field of offshore drilling and support vessels means that clients are also assured of a swift analysis and resolution for any findings that could result from these inspections.

James Harrison, co-founder and CEO of Sky-Futures said, “Partnering with Keppel allows us to deliver an extended service for our clients in the global offshore and marine industry.

“Keppel’s ability to follow through and provide engineering support for any problems that may be found through our drone delivered inspections, means that offshore and marine companies can operate more safely and with less disruption of their operations, whilst still reducing cost levels,” he said.

A Keppel spokesperson from OTD said these latest technologies would also equip their yard to provide enhanced services in the after-sales inspection, maintenance and repair market.

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