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APPEA 2016: A catalyst for innovation, new partnerships

By  AOG Satff Friday, 04 March 2016 00:07
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New developments and exploration opportunities will feature strongly at the APPEA 2016 Conference and Exhibition in Brisbane during 5-8 June.

Organized by the industry for the industry, this is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest oil and gas conference. It will attract thousands of participants and visitors from around Australia and across the globe. Senior executives and leading analysts will discuss the major issues confronting the oil and gas sector in this challenging era.

APPEA Chairman Bruce Lake says the APPEA Conference and Exhibition remains the best forum for examining the issues currently facing the upstream petroleum industry, and tough times make the event more important than ever.

"The best companies use hardship as a catalyst for innovation and forming new partnerships,” Lake said. “Hence the conference theme – Competing for Growth.

“At APPEA 2016, industry professionals can network, do business, share ideas and learn about new technologies and case studies that point the way forward.”

The conference will examine oil and gas projects, technologies, trends and opportunities across Australia.  International experts and local industry executives will provide up-to-date analyses, case studies and technical know-how on the big issues. In addition, politicians, executives and analysts will discuss policy concerns and opportunities for reform.

"This is our strongest platform for conveying the industry’s key messages to politicians and the media," Lake noted.

Key plenary sessions at APPEA 2016 include the opening session, with its focus on the conference theme, Competing for Growth. This plenary will feature high-powered addresses from the Queensland and Australian governments, highlighting their roles in facilitating the industry’s growth and plans for the future.

The plenary, The Future of Energy, will examine how changes in global energy markets are creating threats and opportunities for oil and gas producers. Speakers include Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman; University of Western Australia professor Peter Hartley; McKinsey managing partner John Lyden; and KPMG US National Sector Leader for Energy Regina Mayor.

Another plenary, Technology and Innovation, will examine how technological change is reshaping energy production, and how innovation can help the oil and gas sector boost its competitiveness.

The closing plenary is a panel discussion on stakeholder engagement. This is one of the key issues and main pressure points for the oil and gas industry, therefore, APPEA expects a particularly strong turn-out for this session. Speakers include GasFields Commission Queensland chairman John Cotter; Oil Search managing director Peter Botten; and Broadspectrum chairman Diane-Smith Gander.

The APPEA Conference remains a key conduit for oil and gas information and analysis, and a critical meeting and networking point for anyone involved in the industry.

AOG is a media partner of APPEA 2016.

Image: APPEA delegates / APPEA

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