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Kongsberg LARS chosen for new DSV

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 28 October 2015 06:49
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Kongsberg Evotec has entered an agreement with CSSC Huangpu Shipyard in Guangzhou, China for the delivery of two launch and recovery systems (LARS) for remote operated vehicles (ROV).

The contract includes the first delivery of the recently patented K-LARS port frame solution, in addition to a tried and tested moon-pool LARS system. Both are scheduled for delivery in June 2016 and will be installed onboard Jumeirah Offshore’s diving support vessel (DSV).

  The LARS technology features heave compensation with a minimum of power use. The control system also gives the operator continuous information about capacity utilization, amount of regenerated power, umbilical status and history among other things, all of which ensure the operational window can be utilized in a very environmentally friendly manner, the firm says.

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