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Santos, Drillsearch in seventh discovery

By  Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:24
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The Santos/Drillsearch wet gas joint venture successfully drilled the eighth and final well in the Western Wet Gas Fairway in South Australia, with a gas discovery at Moonanga South-1.

Map Santos/Drillsearch JV discoveries. From Drillsearch.

Moonanga South-1, drilled to a total depth of 3177m, is located due south of the South Australian Cooper basin joint venture’s producing Moonanga field and east of the SACBJV’s Raven field.

According to Drillsearch, excellent gas shows were observed across the Patchawarra Formation from 2597-3115m, with elevated gas readings observed across both sandstones and coals. Preliminary interpretation of wireline logs calculated a gross interval of 518m. Stacked reservoirs were identified and, in addition to the conventional pay, several zones with potential for unconventional pay were also observed.

As a result, Moonanga South-1 was cased and suspended as a future producer.

Moonanga South-1 marks the JV’s seventh discovery of the financial year, and is the last well to be drilled in Drillsearch’s FY2015 work program.

The previous seven wells include Nulla North-1, Aquamarine-1, Varanus South-1, Yarowinnie South-1, Kyanite-1, Spinel-1, and Emery-1.

In March, the duo announced the Kyanite-1 wet gas discovery, which was the fourth discovery.

Kyanite-1 was drilled to 3354m total depth. Preliminary interpretation of wireline logs confirmed a gross interval of 534.3m in the Patchawarra formation, in addition a gross interval of 59.1m in the Tirrawarra Sandstone (Merrimelia) formation.

Santos operates the joint venture with 60% interest. Partner Drillsearch holds the remaining 40%.

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