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KPOC hits first gas at Kebabangan

By  Wednesday, 12 November 2014 10:08
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Kebabangan Production Oil Co. (KPOC) began gas production from the Kebabangan (KBB) gas field, approximately 60 mi. offshore Sabah, Malaysia, according to ConocoPhillips Sabah Ltd.

The CHIKYU vessel. From Jamstec.

KPOC is drilling Kebabangan with the Jamstec's deepsea vessel CHIKYU in about 450ft. water depth. Production on the gas field is scheduled to begin as pipeline capacity becomes available, which will initially use six wells with gas exported using pipeline to the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal in Kimanis.

ConocoPhillips is expecting to add approximately 60,000boe/d to its production volumes by 2017 with project startups in Malaysia. The company’s overall plan is to deliver an annual 3-5% production and margin growth.

"This is the third major project startup planned in Malaysia this year, with Siakap North-Petai brought on stream in the first quarter and the Gumusut-Kakap floating production facility starting up in October," says Matt Fox, ConocoPhillips executive vice president, exploration and production. "These projects will contribute to the company's organic growth over the coming years."

The field is operated by KPOC, a joint operated company with ConocoPhillips Sabah Ltd. and Shell Energy Asia Ltd. each holding a 30% interest with Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (40%).

The Kebabangan cluster asset comprises four non-associated gas fields: Kebabangan, Kamunsu East, Kamunsu East Upthrown, and Kamunsu East Upthrown Canyon, located in water depths ranging from 120-1200m, about 125km off the Sabah coast.

Shell discovered the Kebabangan gas field in 1994, and an appraisal well drilled in 2002. The well penetrated gas columns in a number of reservoir intervals. Kebabangan is estimated to contain about 2 Tcf of natural gas.

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