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World's largest liftboat nears completion

By  OE Staff Friday, 30 May 2014 13:19
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Photo from A.K. SudaThe world’s largest liftboat has been built by Triyards Marine, Saigon Shipyard in HCMC, Vietnam, and will be delivered to Singapore-based EMAS Offshore in June.

The 450ft (137.25m) truss-legged liftboat was designed by A.K. Suda Ltd., based in Metairie, Lousiana.

This state-of-the-art vessel is a 3-legged, self- propelled, self-elevating general service workboat, known as the BH-450, and is suitable for operation in the North Sea.

It is classed by ABS for unrestricted service, DP-1, accommodation service DRC, and carries a wind farm installation maintenance and repair certification.

The molded steel hull dimensions are 60m x 54m x 6m. It has two deck cranes, one leg encircling around the starboard jackcase, and the other, a pedestal crane on the port side of the vessel. The quarters arrangement can accommodate 250 persons including crew.

With the long legs on this vessel, this self-elevating unit is capable of working in water depths up to 367ft.

A unique feature of this vessel is its easy deployment. Unlike other vessels in this size range, this mobile offshore unit has no rack-chocks.

The liftboat is based on Suda’s model SUDA 450-L3T and is the first of a series of this design to be delivered. A second hull is already under construction.



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