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Carnarvon, NOGA ink Timor Sea pact

Written by  Friday, 23 June 2017 09:39
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Carnarvon Petroleum is teaming up with Northern Oil & Gas Australia (NOGA) on a collaborative data sharing project spanning data over several areas in the Timor Sea, offshore Australia.

Map of Carnarvon and NOGA's acreage, from Carnarvon. 

The duo will partner in the Buffalo block (WA-523-P), and the Corallina and Laminaria producing oil fields, in the AC/L5 and WA 18-L blocks, which are contiguous to the north and west.

“We have seen impressive improvements in data quality across the WA-523-P exploration permit and the new potential identified in the Buffalo structure,” says Carnarvon. “There has been significant industry interest shown in the WA- 523-P block since this update and the technology that has enabled this new view of the subsurface oil structures.”

NOGA is the operator of the producing Laminaria and Corallina oil fields and the owner of the Northern Endeavour FPSO, located some 15km to the northwest of the Buffalo oil field.

The Northern Endeavour FPSO has processed over 200 MMbbl from the adjacent Corallina and Laminaria oil fields. It is anticipated that similar upside and de-risking of drilling targets to that identified in the Buffalo field may also be unlocked using the same advanced seismic processing techniques, says Carnarvon.

Carnarvon says the partnership with NOGA is to ensure that re-processing of the Laminaria 3D seismic results in a seamless high-quality 3D dataset over the Corallina, Laminaria and Buffalo fields, and Carnarvon’s experience over the Buffalo block will be used by NOGA to fast track their results.

By sharing the data over the Laminaria / Corallina fields, NOGA is able to assist in better understanding the potential available in the Buffalo oil field, and also guide the Carnarvon team on potential development opportunities, the company says.

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