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Sonoro to drill Budong Budong appraisal well

Written by  Wednesday, 14 June 2017 21:26
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Canadian company Sonoro Energy said it has purchased land, secured its environmental permit, and identified a drilling contractor for its Budong Budong appraisal well program in West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Offsetting the original LG-1 well drilled in 2011, spudding of the LG-1 updip well, located 674m to the west of LG-1, is expected to begin in early August, targeting the Lariang pliocene 415, 450, and 490 sands.

PT Pontil, an Indonesian subsidiary of TSX-listed Major Drilling Group International, will conduct the drilling activities using a specialized, fit-for-purpose hydraulic rig ideal for the depth of the well.

Sonoro believes this is an efficient and cost-effective tactic toward the possible commercial development of such shallow hydrocarbon resources.

PT Pontil is now proceeding in its planning and permitting of the specified rig, currently located across the Makassar Strait in Balikpapan.

In addition, Sonoro has received approval from SKK Migas, Indonesia’s upstream oil and gas regulator, for its environmental plan submitted to drill up to seven wells in the Budong Budong production sharing contract (PSC), offsetting the original LG-1 well.

The firm has also purchased the land for the first appraisal well location, and may now proceed with preparations to construct the land site to accept a drilling rig and its associated services.

Sonoro said it has further identified and received bids for a majority of the other drilling services involved in the Budong Budong PSC appraisal well program and hopes to sign these contracts in the next several weeks.

With this progress, the Southeast Asia-focused company expects to spud the LG-1 updip well around 1 August, assuming the drilling rig passes its function tests and SKK Migas approvals to commence drilling.

Image: LG-1 drilling / Sonoro

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