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Beach begins Cooper basin drilling

Written by  AOG Staff Monday, 15 May 2017 21:48
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Cooper Energy announced the commencement of a 5-well drilling campaign by the PEL 92 joint venture at the Callawonga oil field in PPL 220 on the western flank of the onshore Cooper basin, with the spudding of Callawonga-14 on 14 May.

The campaign targets previously undeveloped reserves in the McKinlay Member sandstone, and comprises both development and appraisal well locations, which have the potential to extend the known boundaries of the field.

The McKinlay member lies immediately above the main producing reservoir, the Namur sandstone, and to date an oil-water contact has not been encountered within the McKinlay member. Two Callawonga wells - Callawonga-7 and 12 - are currently producing from the McKinlay member at a combined rate of approximately 500 bo/d.

The drilling campaign will address locations designated as Callawonga 14-18, with the sequencing of wells to be determined based on individual well results. The 5-well program is expected to be completed by mid-July 2017 with planned early connection of wells in August-September 2017.

Callawonga-14 is scheduled to take six days to reach its prognosed total depth of 1410m. Located in Queensland, PEL 92  is a joint venture between Cooper (25%) and Beach Energy (75%). 

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