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Reliance starts Sohagpur production

Written by  Sunday, 23 April 2017 23:01
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Indian energy company Reliance Industries commenced commercial production from its coal bed methane (CBM) block SP (West)–CBM–2001/1 and is currently supplying CBM for commissioning of the Shahdol Phulpur pipeline (SHPPL).

Reliance said the production from its Sohagpur CBM fields will gradually ramp-up in the next 15-18 months making the firm among the largest unconventional natural gas producers in India.

CBM is an environmentally friendly natural gas extracted from coal-bed and has become an important source of unconventional gas in many parts of the world.

Reliance was awarded the license to explore two adjacent CBM blocks SP(West) and SP(East) with an area of 995sq km in the round one of CBM block bidding by the government of India in 2001.

The Mumbai-based company has drilled more than 200 wells connected to two gas gathering stations in the first phase of development. It expects to drill another 600-800 wells and develop associated infrastructure over the next phases of development.

Reliance Gas Pipelines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance, laid the 302km Shahdol Phulpur gas pipeline that connects the Sohagpur CBM fields from Shahdol to GAIL's HaziraVijaipur-Jagdishpur (HBJ) pipeline network at Phulpur.

With this new pipeline network, these CBM gas fields are now connected with the Indian Gas Grid, Reliance said. 

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