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Pertamina selects acting president director

Written by  AOG Staff Sunday, 05 February 2017 23:33
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Yenni Andayani who currently serves as director of gas at Pertamina has been appointed as the company’s acting president director.

Indonesia’s Minister of State-Owned Businesses issued the position, and also dismissed Dwi Soetjipto as president director and Ahmad Bambang as vice president director.

President commissioner of Pertamina Tanri Abeng said as one of the largest state-owned enterprises, Pertamina is well-established and is prepared to face various internal and external situations.

“Changes in the board of directors are prevalent in Pertamina and it is a regular dynamics and we believe Pertamina will be more solid, more professional and firm on the corporate culture to ensure the company’s targets can be achieved well,” he said. 

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