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CGG launches velocity modeling software

Written by  AOG Staff Monday, 25 April 2016 01:49
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CGG GeoSoftware has released VelPro, a velocity modeling and depth conversion software used to integrate seismic and well velocity information, horizons, faults and well tops into data-driven velocity models.

VelPro models complement the workflows of geophysical interpretation software applications, and are utilized in domain conversions. This enables oil company asset teams to create depth representations of the subsurface.

CGG said users can also better understand and mitigate drilling risk using the VelPro Pore Pressure Prediction workflow, which employs either the Eaton or Eaton-Bowers method to compute entire volumes of pore pressure from velocity volumes.

VelPro 9.5 licensing integrates with the full GeoSoftware portfolio, making it easier for clients to install and use it in combination with other GeoSoftware products. As an example, VelPro 9.5 reads and writes data from the GeoSoftware well database and compiles journal entries.

Users can interactively switch displayed well data and tops between standard well datums with Well Data Editor, resulting in an improved user experience. VelPro maintains third-party formats and, therefore, works well within a client’s existing software environment, the firm said.  

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